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About Jim Hill Wax Works

Jim's Hill Wax Works products Inspired By Natures Beauty

Hi! My name is Olga and I am so happy to welcome you here!!

I was born in Russia where I lived most of my life. I learned there that Holistic medicine is an essential component of everyday life. Every summer my parents would take me on nature trips to collect herbs and berries that could be used for treating various illnesses and creating aromatic teas. These trips were how I discovered about the power of mother nature.

Once married, I moved to the Tennessee and instantly fell in love with America. It was a whole new culture with different experiences and smells. Even the air smelled different than in Russia. I was enthralled with the sweet smell of honeysuckle and pine in the Tennessee air.

While living in Dubai, for my husband’s work, and visiting shopping malls and local markets, my senses filled with the smoke of burning incense, mixed with fresh brewed fine coffee, as well as designer perfumes. These smells danced in the air like a flickering candle.

Olga Grant

All these new smells and sights were overwhelming but also inviting. Spices, bright colors, amazing oriental designs, breathtaking architecture, and luxury wrapped in mystery of traditional Middle East life. These things added depth to my palette and provided inspiration for choosing scents and designs.

When we moved back to the States we settled into the small town of Wetumpka, Alabama. A beautiful place nestled along the Coosa River. Living small town life was such a contrast from Dubai but it had its own impact on my ever-growing mental catalog of smells and experiences. Wetumpka is where I started her candle and soap making business.

With my carefully crafted products I hope to take you on a tour of discovering a new aroma experience which reflect the scents of my world travels.

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