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Made with Moisturizing Glycerin Soap with luffa slice embed on one side and 3 Butters Nourishing Soap with Oatmeal on opposite side. Use the side with loofah for extra exfoliating. Use another side with oatmeal for more gentle scrub. 

Each Bar Weight approx. 5 oz. 

Loofah Soap is recommended for foot care use. Can be used as all over your body cleanser depending on personal preference (luffa can be a little rough).


Gulf Breeze Loofah Soap

    • Please keep your Glycerin Soap away from direct sunlight and excee heat ( do not leave it in the hot car) as it may result the soap to get dull and cloudy and even melt if too hot.
    • Let your soap dry between uses on the surface with proper drainage (like soap saver or soap dish with drainage). This will ensure that you can enjoy your soap for long time.